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Chef Tyler Lewis

Tyler Daniel Lewis didn’t intend to work in food. He didn’t know as a child, when the kitchen in his home was a melting pot of different culinary influences, that he would one day hold the title of Chef. He wouldn’t have guessed it when he started scrubbing pans at his hometown’s local pizza joint or when he got his undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and Ecological Design.

But the writing (and some marinara sauce) was on the wall.

Chef Tyler grew up in a home that valued sharing a meal together above all else. Immersed in a rural environment, he spent his childhood foraging for mushrooms and developing an innate bond with the natural world. His family taught him a simple lesson about food; that meals are not simply the sum of their parts. That when you bring forward quality ingredients and treat them with care, they blend together to create something bigger than just one dish. Meals have social value—they tie us together, whether that’s over the table or through recipes.

This love of food brought Chef Tyler to take over his first restaurant in Burlington, Vermont, during a leave of absence from school. There he learned how to train staff, run a kitchen, and work with artisanal creators.

Motivated by a desire to create a more sustainable life, Chef Tyler packed up his pots and pans and sailed off into the sunset.

Or something like that.

Fueled by his love of intimate and delicious meals, Lewis moved south and became a private chef, curating menus and preparing food for guests from the Hamptons to the Caribbean. With the world’s most beautiful backdrops to set the scene, Chef Tyler worked with high-profile individuals and developed a knack for crafting meals specifically attuned to both their dietary requirements and the delicious flavors they were craving.

At this stage, he met Robert Downey Jr., and the pair bonded over a mutual adoration of flavor. You might even call it an obsession.

Somewhere between those mushrooms he foraged as a kid and the plates he served over the beaches of St. John, the idea to create an original brand of spice mixes came to Chef Tyler, and he knew he had to make it a reality.

MinkDog Bespoke Blends is his dream, and with the help of a passionate partner and a lifetime of loving meals, it’s finally realized. Today, it’s no longer just a spice company. We are offering customers the chance to take their home-cooked meals on a global culinary journey, thanks to products created and curated by Chef Tyler.